April 21, 2017
Well.....we did it!!!....we pulled off a very successful 55th Reunion of our great 1962 GHS Class last weekend!...  Pictures are up (and more coming) on the "Photo Albums" tab on our site.  Many of our "regulars" we in attendance as well as some a couple of "first timers" including Gordon Hurd and Dan Byrd.  All the food was excellent and a lot of memories were unearthed by our visit to the ole Rec Center and Teen Time from the fifties.  Matter of fact, the "Fifties" was our theme for Saturday night with lots of music of the era and a special video that you can play on our "Special Links" tab.
ALERT!!....Time for #55!!!   See "Details of Events" tab to the left for details.
Dub, Mike, Judy Boles (AC Educational Foundation), and Dr.Schaub + chemistry students
Dub, Mike, Judy Boles (AC Educational Foundation), and Dr.Schaub + chemistry students
Dear Classmates: 
            We made the third annual gift from our GHS Class Of 1962 endowed fund on October 26, 2016.  As donors voted, we make a gift to benefit a GHS teacher in even years and a senior scholarship in odd years.  
            This year we funded a grant application by Dr. Jay Schaub, who teaches chemistry, for $2,500.  According to Dr. Schaub, the department spends most of its county supply budget on consumable lab supplies.  The department also needs to replace broken equipment.  He asked for funds to purchase pipets and burets, ring stands and buret clamps, and some other lab equipment. He says that this equipment is not flashy, but is important to students in developing lab skills and having a better understanding of the underlying chemistry.  This grant, because it has no measurable outcome, was not matched by the Foundations for Success program, as was our 2014 grant.   The chemistry department serves 275 students in four classes.  
             Reading the application brought forth fond memories of Mrs. Gager and her “little sweet potatoes,” and our own lab experiences.  As you can see, we presented the gift to Dr. Schaub surrounded by some chemistry students.  We wish them every success.  
            During the year ended June 30, 2016, our fund received donations of $3,833 and had investment income of $1,866.  After deducting our senior scholarship gift for 2015-16 of $2,300 and the administrative fee of $912, our fund had $60,973.00 as of June 30.  A great big Purple Hurricane thank you to everyone who has contributed.  Contributions may be sent to F. Parker Lawrence, 3720 NW 43rd Street, Suite 101, Gainesville, FL 32606, with checks payable to The Education Foundation of Alachua County, and “GHS Class of 1962” in the memo line.  
           Following in our footsteps, the Class of 1964, led by Bruce Stechmiller, M.D., has set up a similar fund.  
                                                                        Class of 1962 Gift Committee
May 23, 2016
   We were priviliged to attend The Senior Class of 2016 Scholarship Award Ceremony held at Trinity United Methodist Church at which our class presented a $2300 scholarship to Joseph Moretta from GHS.  This is our second "annual gift" from the Class of 1962 as we presented a grant to a GHS math teacher last year.  Joseph plans to attend UF and major in Psychology.  Larry ran into Joseph and his mother after the ceremony and........well, I'll let Larry tell you himself:
   "After the presentation a lady came up to me, crying with joy and hugged me. She said she was Joseph's mother and expressed that what our scholarship meant to Joseph. She said she was a single mom and was very thankful to our class for being so generous. She said with this scholarship that Joseph would  almost be able to fund his first year of college. This encounter was witnessed by others whom congratulated the mom and me on what had taken place. Wow! It gave me a wonderful feeling to have shared in the ceremony today. Thank you guys and our class for this opportunity."
   Let's keep this wonderful experience going......our goal is for all our classmates to make even a small contribution to our endowment.  Donation information can be found in other parts of our website.
   Have a wonderful summer.....and get ready to gather together next year to celebrate our 55th '62 Reunion!!!

February 2016
Dear Classmate:
    Announcing our 4th Annual “Post 50th” Reunion to be  held on Saturday, April 16th, starting at 6:00pm and lasting until 9pm (or until we get kicked out by our hostess).
    Our wonderful classmate, Carolyn Ridgell Daniel has graciously volunteered to let us hold our event at her beautiful home in Featherwood Subdivision in Gainesville,  2717  NW 24th Terr.
    We plan on having a “Pot luck” dinner whereby we, the participants provide the appropriate dinner dishes thus making it a “cost free” event.  Please feel free to  choose from either an appetizer, a salad, a main dish, a side dish, a dessert, or some beverage of some sort.  Carolyn and Jane (Guy) will coordinate the dinner so please “Reply” to this email to let us know you’re coming and what you’d like to bring.  The ladies will let you know if your contribution will “fit” the program or maybe make a change.   Plenty of “oldies” to listen to and/or dance to.
        As the years pass, our friendships and shared memories become even more precious.  So we especially look forward to seeing you again, soon!   Please respond by Friday, April 8th, for planning.
Your 2015 “Special” Reunion Planning Team.
P.S.  For questions, contact Carolyn @538-1000 or Jane @225-751-3360
                AND  please register on our Class Website @”www.ghs62.myevent.com”

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!......and don't we have a WHOLE lot to be thankful for!!
We've made it through our "70th" year which, in itself, is quite amazing when you think about it!!
   Among the best news of the year is that we, the GHS Class of 1962, has presented the first "class gift" to a teacher at GHS.  We raised over $50,000 last year to fund an annual gift and a few weeks ago, several of us visited GHS and presented a check to Mrs. Carolyn Ellis, a math teacher at GHS.  Our contribution to the gift was $2000 that was matched by the Educational Foundation for a total of $4000 for Mrs. Ellis to purchase supplies for her classes.  The following is a summary of Mrs. Ellis and her project:
  Calculating Our Success – Carolyn Ellis, Teacher, Gainesville High School
"The purpose of this grant is to fund a class set of graphing calculators for Mrs. Ellis’ Geometry class at Gainesville High School, where most of her students are 11th graders who have zero math credits, and 90% are low performing. This learning tool would allow for both exploration and remediation (who keys to becoming a successful math student). With the defining shift of the Florida Standards Assessment toward evaluating geometric concepts graphically, these calculators are essential to demonstrate the usefulness and dynamic capabilities of geometric graphs firsthand. Currently department funding is less than half the cost of one class set of calculators, making this grant critical for the success of these students who need the most help".
   Please pat yourself on the back for making this happen.  It was great to see the seeds of our work come to fruition.   And a special thanks to Mike Gengler for his patient and presistant work to make this all come together.  We would like to continue to make our endowment grow larger so if you've not contributed, please consider doing so by looking at the info in the letter below.  If you've already contributed, there's still room for more....
   Thank you, classmates!!.....you're the best!!!

Greetings Classmates!!  
  So glad you're either just finding our site or are visiting again.  

  BIG NEWS: On Friday night, October 11th, at the GHS Homecoming game, representitives of our class presented a "check" for an amazing $50,000.00 to the principal of GHS, Mr.David Shelnutt.  This contribution represents donations from just over 40 of our classmates but we are hoping to greatly increase the total as more of us make gifts to the fund.  If you'd like to send a contribution, either a one-time donation or the first of several annual gifts, please make the check out to:         

        "Educational Foundation of Alachua County"  

And send it to:

            Parker Lawrence

          3720 NW 43rd St., Suite 101

          Gainesville, FL  32606      

We hope as many of our classmates as possible will make a pledge so we can maximize the endowment total.

  Our memories together are getting more precious as the years pass so let's keep them alive.

  Please tell us your suggestions for improvement or whatever....this is your site and we want it to be the best ever!
Take care!!

Hello again, mates!
   We just held our 2nd Annual "Post 50th Reunion" on May 10th in the basement of the old Gainesville Post Office, downtown, (more recently known as the Hippodrome Theatre) and we who were present, missed those of you who could not be with us!!
   And, of course, the theme was our "70th Birthday Party"!!!......yow!!!....that's a lot of years!!!.....but by looking at the photo album, you can see that we still look pretty darm good......and, by the way, if you have photos you'd like to share with the rest of us, please send us a message that you're uploading photos to the site and we'll create an album just for your photos.....the ones here now were taken by Richard Thompson and we appreciate it!!
    Plans have begun to do a joint "party/reunion" with the Class of '61 as those are the folks that we spent the most time with at GHS (3 years!).....stay tuned for more info in the coming months....
    If you know of another classmate/friend who hasn't registered on our site, please encourage them to do so......we still only have a little over 100 of the 385 who graduated with us..
    Have a great summer!!!
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